I have been going to Lisa's classes for two years. When I started I was completely clueless, I had never tried yoga, to be honest I did'nt think I would like it. Was I wrong! Lisa is an amazing instructor, she is the most patient, compassionate person I have ever met. Lisa is incredibly passionate about what she does and I am always learning from her. Yoga, for mind, body and spirit. Namasta ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ

Fiona Williamson

I had never taken a yoga class before and was nervous. Lisa made doing yoga for the first time easy and enjoyable! She shows compassion and joy during her teachings. I love taking her classes!

I take them whenever I'm in town!

Jennifer Sinclair

I am not one to ever thought of doing yoga till a friend and my sister told me to try it. Went to my first night and had a great experience. Lisa is an amazing soul and helps in every way. I highly recommend.

Thanks Lisa 

AJ Blackmore

Lisa is awesome. I highly recommend you visit her studio for a class, even if your are just visiting town you may be able to drop in for a class. You wont be disappointed. You'll be hooked, and feeling refreshed.


Linda Veijola

Love your classes

Dana Greer

I LOVE this place!!! I am fairly new to yoga and I am looking forward to perfecting my skills! Lisa is such an amazing teacher and is always so helpful! I look forward to more classes with her

Tara Funston

A very relaxed place to learn about yoga very friendly and peaceful. I highly recommend Lisa...

Fenelon Yoga has several classes and they are all fun. Love Lisaโ€™s teaching.

Cathie Menzies

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

A life changing experience with Lisa

Maggie Bradamore