Yard Yoga

As we are now in stage 3 we are able to open up fitness studios including yoga in Kawartha Lakes.

However, I have decided to keep classes outdoors at this time. (I’m loving being outdoors ❤️)

Classes are in my yard as well as another location (10 minutes outside of Fenelon) and will move to Zoom in the fall if our numbers of Covid are still on the rise.

Classes at this time are as follows:

Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9am and Wednesday evenings starting August 5th at 6:30pm (1 hour classes)

* Bring your own mat & props

* Bring your own sunscreen and bug spray

* Do not come if you feel unwell

* Social distancing of 2 meters

* There are no washroom facilities available

* $10 e-transer

* Limited to 7 people

Also offering private Zoom classes or in my yard, 9am appointments.

Please contact me to reserve your spot

Stay tuned for an online Chakra course coming soon also! 

Private & Corporate Classes

Are you too busy to attend a regular class or perhaps too shy? Are you looking for your own individual and specific yoga needs to be met? One on one instructions strengthen your own yoga practice and brings your needs to the mat. Learn at your own pace with private lessons on a time that suits you. We will work together to find what works best for you!

Our Corporate Yoga can be booked during lunch, breaks or whatever time is best. Corporate Yoga has be proven to Reduce Stress & Stress Management, Increase Focus, Boost Immunity, Improves Posture, Reduces Muscle Tension, Increase Confidence, Boosts Morale, Increase in Energy, Improves Breathing, Increases Flexibility and gives an overall wellness. 

Please contact for more information

*Due to Covid classes would be done via Zoom or 9am appointments in my yard

Kids Yoga

 Introducing Yoga to children helps to establish healthy habits and life style at an early age. Yoga helps enhance children's strength, coordination and flexibility all while encouraging body awareness and self-esteem. It can help reduce anxiety and stress in children and sets the tone of calmness. Yoga teaches children self-acceptance, health habits, teaches calming techniques, non-competitive, helps to keep kids focus, teaches self awareness, supports positive mental health and much more.  

I offer children's yoga classes from time to time but also offer private classes. birthday parties, celebrations, Sunday Fundays, sleep overs, or any occasion!

*Due to Covid all Kids Yoga is paused

Restorative Yoga & Reiki

Please visit the workshop page to find dates for our Restorative Yoga with Reiki classes held every other month!

*Due to Covid all sessions will be private via zoom or distance energy healing

Namaste from Fenelon Yoga